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Construction case study

At Dashboard Magic, our focus is on helping companies transform the way they measure performance.

After building hundreds of dashboards and working with companies big and small across the world, we have seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to measuring success

After all, all businesses want to consistently improve performance, and the work we do provides the systematic and measurable springboard to make this happen.

When you bring together the tracking of data in systems, a clear understanding of the goals/targets/Key Performance Indicators overall and per team/individual, and then a clear way to visualise performance, you set your business up to see exactly how everything is performing.

This makes decision making about what to prioritise and focus on, and where to allocate resources, far more effective, as you’re reverse engineering the outcome you want, measuring what’s working (and what’s not), and then adjusting accordingly.

We have built hundreds of dashboards, worked with 26 different industries, and have been able to identify what really matters when it comes to measuring performance.

Why Engage Us?

Focus On The Outcome

No one wants another system or subscription. What you do want is a specific outcome, so that is what we deliver.

Ensure Solution Scalability

There is nothing worse than a solution that doesn't evolve and grow with your business. We create the solution with your future growth in mind.

Do What We Say We'll Do

Integrity in any working relationship is essential. We follow through with doing what we say we'll do, and we expect the same from you.

Simplify & Streamline

No one wants more complexity in their business. Our whole purpose is to make your reporting and operations more simply and streamlined.