When it comes to growing and scaling a business, the biggest hand break is the uncertainty of profitability; because without more cash coming in than what is going out, there’s every chance you won’t be in business for that much longer.

Then there's the uncertainty of whether everyone in your team is doing what is expected of them. You might think you have a fairly solid idea that everyone is pulling their weight, however if you’re not clear on your team's productivity and output as it relates to specific measures that are reviewed frequently, then you’re leaving yourself open to a risk that could easily have been prevented.


Our ideal client is an industry leading 7-8 figure business owner, who wants to be able to maximise their revenue opportunities and see their key business numbers at a glance. They want to reduce the stress and worry of potentially growing too fast and not knowing if they’re profitable, and also minimise the likelihood of leaving substantial revenue on the table.

We work with businesses who are growing and scaling quickly, who understand how vital it is to have key systems in place. This is especially when it comes to driving an increase in conversions from existing opportunities, as well as being able to oversee key business numbers instantaneously and in real time.

Our typical client is able to come away with the peace of mind associated with knowing they’re not leaving money on the table, confidence that their team will be more productive and perform at an even higher level, certainty around the profitability of the business, and a clear understanding of what needs to happen next to continue scaling and growing their business to the next level. This all comes together to drive powerful revenue growth and profitability, which is a truly invaluable result.


Most businesses fall into four main categories when it comes to tracking the performance of their business:

  1. Your Best Guess – you are always making an educated guess, because after all, it’s your business and you’re the leader; unfortunately, the downside of this is that you usually aren’t basing your guess on data and you know it’s not accurate.
  2. Time Sabotage – you spend far too long crunching the numbers yourself whenever you get the chance (which isn’t anywhere near as often as you’d like, because you’re busy). You know there has to be a better way to do this, but there’s no point handing it off to anyone else, because they would have to know exactly what to look for and how to do it.
  3. Snail Speed – you rely on either someone in your team or your accountant to provide you with the reporting, which shows you some of the key numbers you need to see. However, this generally takes longer than it could and doesn’t give you access to the numbers in real time. It’s also prone to human error, which happens more often than you think.
  4. Flying Blind - you literally have no idea at all, other than how much revenue you’re bringing in at the end of each month (hopefully you at least know that!). You realise you’re in serious trouble if you want to grow your business at all in the future.

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At Dashboard Magic, we create custom business dashboards for your business, showing you the exact performance metrics you want to track across your business, to ensure you remain profitable and your whole team continues to hit their activity targets for continued business growth.

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