Getting Visibility Across
Your Performance
Data Shouldn't Be This Difficult
Utilise automated business dashboards for simplifying,
centralising and consolidating access to the insights you need to run your business
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"Without up-to-date, automated reporting, how can you know whether you're profitable and focusing on the right priorities?" - Cullen Brugman, CEO, Dashboard Magic

Challenges We Solve

Lack Of Visibility Across Your Margins

Being able to easily see your margins and the things that impact your margins is imperative to you being more profitable.


Being Reactive & Things Getting Missed

Too much dependence on you remembering things or having to remind the team is a killer of efficiency and keeps you dependent on key people (probably you!).


Manual Reporting & Too Many Spreadsheets

Most businesses have far too many spreadsheets flying around and waste far too much time on manual reporting.


Industries We Work With

Construction & Builders

This includes anything from measuring the success of your estimating, proposals and tenders, right through to making sure your projects are profitable.


Everything from plumbers to electricians, where every trades business needs to ensure they have a consistent flow of new jobs, as well as making sure each guy on the road is performing at the standard required.

Coaches & Consultants

Balancing strategy and advice, with insights from client's data, creates a powerful approach to ensuring predictable and measurable success.

Professional Services

Any professional services business needs a clear way of measuring performance from sales through to delivery, especially when it comes to labour hours affecting margins on projects and client work.

Manufacturing & Wholesale

Visibility across leads and orders, along with inventory and stock is vital. Not to mention the value of oversight across the untapped opportunity in your database too.

Retail & Ecommerce

Maximising traffic both in-store and online is critical, ensuring conversion of interaction into customers.

Marketing Agencies

It's imperative that you have a simple way to see how your client's marketing spend is converting into results and dollars.

Human Resources

Conversion of opportunities and billable time for the team are both important to ensuring profitability.

Allied Health

Patient numbers and billable hours per practitioner are key metrics, along with accountability from each team member.

Client Testimonials

Tired of not having the data you need at your fingertips?

90% of businesses have a combination of spreadsheets flying around (not to mention the multiple versions of the same spreadsheet), too much manual time spent by the team creating reports or chasing data, and a clear understanding that there has to be a better way to do this.

Time for you to become part of the 10%.
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The Performance Optimisation Process

We work our magic in every step of your journey…




Identify key gaps in visibiity which are hurting your margins, causing fires and things being missed, and keeping you awake at night.




Determine your most valuable metrics, walk through your existing systems and the way you’re tracking data, and highlight any gaps in data that need resolving.




Building of your dashboards, to bring all your key data together into one central location. This provides the insights you need and sets the scene for better quality conversations.




Continually optimise how you approach performance measurement, in line with the goals and growth of the business.


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