Getting Visibility Across Your Performance Data Shouldn't Be This Difficult

Utilise automated business dashboards for simplifying, centralising and consolidating access to the insights you need to run your business

"Without up-to-date, automated reporting, how can you know whether you're focusing on the right things in your business?"

- Cullen Brugman, CEO, Dashboard Magic

Connect Data

Having data and reporting that’s sitting in multiple locations (ie. different spreadsheets and systems) means that there is no simple way of being across all the information you need.

Reduce Risk

Not having real-time access to the information and numbers you need, means that you’re leaving the business open to risks that can be avoided. 

Unify Direction

By having a clear understanding of performance across the business, the whole team and different functions of the business can be on the same page and working together in the one direction.

Demo Dashboards

Check out our catalogue of pre-built dashboards, across multiple different departments and industries, to either
find the dashboards that are right for you or give you some ideas for your custom dashboards...


Check out a live example of a sales dashboard, including a range of recommended metrics.

Ultimate Metrics

Check out a live example of a dashboard that showcases the top metrics applicable to almost any business.

Marketing & Social Media

Check out a live example of a marketing & social media dashboard, including a range of recommended metrics.

Project Managements & Operations

A live example of a project management & operations dashboard, including a range of recommended metrics.


Tradies/ Construction

A live example of a tradies/construction dashboard, including a range of recommended metrics.

Client Results

Theory Crew

Felicity & Angela

Justified Talent

James Michael

Talbot Centre

Chris Talbot

Employee Matters

David Brown

Our Dashboard Building Process

Step #1:
Confirm Your Metrics

Take one of our Demo Dashboards and let us implement it for your business, or provide us with your key metrics and allow us to create a set of customized dashboards specifically for your business.

Step #2:
We Build Your Dashboard

We work our magic during the dashboard building, making sure there is alignment between the strategy (what you want to achieve and the value to your business) and the technical (what is technically most effective).

Step #3:
Integrate Your Dashboards

This vital step involves full integration of the dashboards into your business, which act as a driving force in upgrading your operational excellence to the next level.

Our Clients & Partners

We’ve built hundreds of dashboards for businesses across a diverse range of industries...


Our Team

Cullen Brugman

Managing Director

Silan Bozkur

Operations/ Project Manager

Chris Bailey

Lead Dashboard Developer

David Richter

Dashboard Consultant

Tony Apostol

Admin Assistant

Tired of not having the data you need at your fingertips?

90% of businesses have a combination of spreadsheets flying around (not to mention the multiple versions of the same spreadsheet), too much manual time spent by the team creating reports or chasing data, and a clear understanding that there has to be a better way to do this. 

Time for you to become part of the 10%. 
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